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Today after a week of parties and the best music on the planet in Hostal Salinas, we have something a bit different. For a while Christian Soto has been exhibiting his artwork around the hotel, and tonight will be creating something live before your eyes… something which can be yours with a bit of bidding, all of which will go to APNEEF, a local charity for disadvantaged children. Local fashion designer Jean Pierre Lopez will be showing his wares and behind the decks there will be Brydie Tong plus a rare appearance from a certain dj called David Phillips (me).

Action from7:30pm be there………

BOUTIQUE HOSTAL SALINAS presents ‘IS IT BALEARIC?’ records 5th anniversary

After an amazing birthday party this week at Hostal Salinas, with Damian Lazarus, Art Department and Francesca Lombardo, we are well up for it.
This Friday from 7pm we welcome the mighty COYOTE, PHIL MISON and JOSE PADILLA for a masterclass in eclectic, hard to find and downright classic tunes. Action from 7pm, barbecue from 8pm. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Action from 7pm. See you there xx


Haahaaaaa! It’s September!
Excuse me. Now then. After a bit of a monumental celebration weekend bringing us into September (weeee! sorry) we have collected ourselves and are getting down to business. In Lo Cura Lounge DAISY HEARTBREAKER will be taking up her weekly spot here at Hostal Salinas tonight with her own take on the sunset sound, with an alternative and exotic selection from Indie rock, to smooth electro, avant-garde lounge tunes next to Phil Spector classics and even some smokin tunes from her Mexican heartland make a potent mix to get you ready…

Thursday night sees We Love’s Dj Sharma with some low-slung, down-tempo soul and funk vibes to get you ready for Jamie Jones at Dc10 down the road.

Friday night Alfredo comes and shows us a thing or two about ‘tunes’ with a masterful set from the originator…

Saturday night BRYDIE TONG brings her INDIGO vibes to town with a moody, broody and cutting edge take on the sunset experience.

Sunday I will be Rocking out some tunes with Mr Doris and A-Skillz on Space sunset terrace, so bring yer sneakers for that one.

yowsa x


Well it’s a busy week for Lo Cura lounge. We start proceedings tonight where DAISY HEARTBREAKER and Re-Evolution sounds take up their new wednesday night residency at Hostal Salinas. An alternative and exotic selection from Indie rock, to smooth electro, avant garde lounge tunes next to Phil Spector classics and even some smokin tunes from her Mexican heartland make a potent mix to get you ready…

Thursday night sees We Love’s Dj Sharma away on secret We Love ops, so another We Love resident and purveyor of some amazing music IAN BLEVINS will be trying to get into her little boots without completely splitting them at the seams.

Friday we have DJ ALFREDO showing us how it’s done by the master himself, and Saturday night BRYDIE TONG brings her INDIGO vibes to town with a moody, broody and cutting edge take on the sunset experience.
Action from 7:30pm. See you there

But WAAAAAAIIIIIIT just one Goddamn Minute……..

Sunday Lo cura Lounge packs its bags and heads on down to Space where the Lo Cura Allstars and you and you and even YOU will be setting the Salon alight at We Love Space…….10:30pm onwards and upwards……..xx


Regulars down at the hotel will know what this means. A few years ago our paths crossed with Justin from FOLK bar in Manchester. They hosted a series of shindigs out here in Ibiza, kicking off proceedings with a sublime night at ours with a masterful selection from the COYOTE duo and the mighty LEXX from Zurich. They have been regulars out here ever since. So…….

Timm Sure from Coyote and ‘Is it Balearic?’ recordings has been in touch and we are happy to announce another classy night out for you. With masters of the musically wonderful, weird, sublime, diverse, and knowing them, impossible to get hold of…..we bring you…..


You don’t need an encyclopaedic knowledge of music and dj’s to know that this is a pretty shmokin’ line-up. With a barbecue in the
Hostal Salinas ambience we feel safe in predicting a good’un. Hope to see you there. x


Hi there,

It’s time, the Folk gang have arrived and will after tonight in El Salon at We Love be doing their funky thang this TUESDAY down at Boutique Hostal Salinas, after the success of last year’s event, with Coyote playing and Lexx literally blowing us away with a 3 hour masterclass which has been recorded, blogged and re blogged and is now the stuff of legend.

This year sees FOLK’s own Nick Massey take to the decks followed by Lexx once again, playing us sweet remedies to soothe the mind and body after 3 days at it at We Love, Dc10, Cocoon and who knows what else.

A barbecue will be served from 7pm with an assortment of dishes to satisfy the carnivorous, the herbivorous, and the just absolutely starving.

Action starts from 5pm. Can’t wait, see you there…….


Scrolling down the line of posts here on this blog you may have noticed a piece we wrote on a night here we staged called FOLK IBIZA, a simple yet beautifully concieved project by some ‘folk’ with a bar of the same name near Manchester. Whereby loads of people come and hang out at our place, eat, drink, hang out and listen to possibly the classiest and most lovingly collected music I have ever heard, played by some top heads in the business when it comes to the more easy going circles of Djing and production.

After a chat and a boogie at We Love the other week we and the Folk Ibiza folk have decided to include another date at the Hotel as part of their 2011 tour of Ibiza. September 20th is the date to put in your diary.

I cannot wait.

Lexx’s live set from the hotel – finally the tracklist!!!

After much investigation and much time looking like nutters holding our phones next to the speakers trying to find out the track names with Shazam, we can finally publish the tracklist to Lexx’s live set here at the hotel. Enjoy, and good luck in finding half of it…….

01. josh rouse – bienvenido
02. josh rouse – duerme
03. john b. sebastian – magical connection
04. fleetwood mac – hypnotized
05. balearic buffin – state of grace
06. 9dw – stone and fruits (hatchback remix)
07. george levin – runaway
08. hird – getting closer
09. rocha – feel the love
10. willie colon – set fire to me
11. arthur russell – in the light of the miracle (12″ mix)
12. carrie cleveland – love will set you free
13. mental remedy – the sun,the moon, our souls (dub)
14. ned doheny – get it up for love (accoustic)
15. lucio battisti – amarsi un po
16. sam amidon – relief
17. apiento & co – under open skies
18. plaid – ralome
19. byzantium – trade wind
20. big star – thirteen
21. josé gonzalez – sensing owls
22. jonathan jerremiah – happiness (quiet village remix)
23. mark & almond – the city (1978 version)
24. michael franks – st.elmos fire
25. john martyn – small hours
26. pat metheny – sueno con mexico

New comments from Trip Advisor

Hi folks,
Long time I know. Well we’ve been away, had a well-earned rest and now Boutique Hostal Salinas is up and running and 4 weeks into what seems to be be a very promising season for everyone we speak to over here on the island.

I was recently reading up on Trip Advisor and those nice people have written some more nice things about us. Have a look here

Stay tuned for some exciting news on some of the events we have planned for this summer. We think you’re gonna like it……

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